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Time Management Action Is Fun When Made Right

March 8, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Self Help

Time management motivation comes into play when you find yourself face to face with certain tasks that you would rather not have to do, so you tend to put them off. But just think: if you could make some of these jobs at least partially a matter of fun, would you not get yourself motivated to attack them?

But how would it be possible to take an unpleasant task and turn it into something you might end up enjoying? Is there something about a task, some part of it, that you can think of as in some way enjoyable? Cleaning house may not be your cup of tea, but wouldn’t listening to music while you are at it make it tolerable? This is the sort of way to make a chore less annoying.

If at all possible, try to get your friends involved in some of your chores. You can’t have them come over and clean house with you, but there are things that you could ask them to aid you with. Being lighthearted about some things can actually make them less of a chore and more of a pleasing diversion. And your friends can help you achieve this.

Friends may not be the only things you can add. Try thinking positive. Suppose you have to clean the house, something you hate doing. But what if you put on your favorite CD and listened to your favorite music while you vacuumed? Doing this may well sidetract you from whatever you may otherwise find disagreeable about your task at hand.

Another good way to think about time management motivation is to stop and think about the fact that doing a certain chore is really not the end of the world. It may not seem likely that comparing vacuuming with going to war is a good idea, but when you do this kind of comparison, the task at hand is not longer so formidable. So do this kind of outrageous comparison whenever what you need to do needs to get done anyway.

One other thing that may come to mind when you are trying to add fun to the mixture is to think about giving yourself specific rewards after you will have managed to finish certain tasks. Having a cup of ice cream, for example, after finishing something not too big is a fine way to motivate you to do the thing in a timely fashion.

It seems, therefore, that time management is not such a big deal after all. If you can keep things on the light side, you are going to acquire the best of time management motivation under your belt.

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