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Get Prepared For 2011 New Year Resolutions

December 5, 2010 | Author: | Posted in Self Help

Here’s why most new year promises are unsuccessful as well as exactly what to do to give your-self the best possibility of maintaining your goals this year.

People that write out their New Year Resolution’s on January first (possibly along with a hangover) usually do not end up staying with them. This short article reveals the key reason why.

The mass media is very little help either. Each year they publish a round of articles with very shallow tips about establishing as well as maintaining new year aspirations. But they say little more than feel-good notions associated with deciding what is vital to you, only selecting things you can achieve, don’t bombard yourself with a lot of, dedicated yourself to achieving them, blah blah blah.

So annually people end up with a list of most desired targets that they don’t really know how to accomplish, and so they become frustrated, disappointed, and kind of cynical once the much less essential things in everyday life deplete their time and motivation.

Is it willpower that they lack? Is it good fortune? Individuals have been unsuccessful in the past several years so can they really summon the willpower and good fortune this coming year to make a difference?

The big difference isn’t in making New Year Resolutions, but HOW they are made.

In spite of willpower, when you’ve got an obvious method for how to do something, naturally you will be much more positive, and can go ahead and take steps to achieve the goal.

Consider it: Just Attempt to maintain reduced self-confidence about doing some thing, when doing that thing is a string of easy next-step physical actions clearly organized for you on paper.

You will find yourself having a brighter frame of mind, more positive outlook, and not because of some inspirational peak performance fluff, but due to the fact that you’ll have a process of accomplishment and not merely a list of wishful thinking.

Here’s the general plan I give to clients:

1. Take note of crystal clear, specific statements of the resolutions.

2. Pre-plan the milestones to achieve each goal destination.

3. Maintain my enthusiasm and commitment.

4. Set up my plan with memory joggers and simple next actions.

5. Review progress and adjust my approach accordingly.

It isn’t brain surgery but it’s not so simple either. Otherwise everyone would always achieve their resolutions.

The most important point of all this is to understand the need for creating a crystal clear approach for how to achieve some thing, rather than just having a list of wishful thinking.

Keep in mind: Preparing new year resolutions tends to fail for the reason that they have not been defined as a step-by-step process of accomplishment.

Read more about keeping new year resolutions and watch a short demonstration video on how to get organized in 7 Steps.

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