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Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not Just About Beauty

January 18, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health

More and more people are choosing to have cosmetic dentistry and this trend looks set to increase. There is no doubt that opening magazines and turning on the TV to see films tars gleaming smiles makes a difference. Many people think that having straight white teeth automatically makes them look healthy. It is true he would never see a beauty queen with discoloured or crooked teeth.

However the most important thing for anybody to obtain first for is a mouth that is in good oral health. This means scheduling regular visits to your dentist to ensure that your mouth is checked over for any signs of disease and dental decay. Your dentist is a highly trained professional who will check not only mouth but the whole of your head and neck area to ensure that you do not have any early signs of oral cancer.

Although this cancer is relatively rare the chances of surviving it increased drastically through early detection. A lot of people are choosing to have braces and some people may regard orthodontics as an unnecessary procedure. This is not quite true because teeth that are straight along much easier to clean thoroughly and are less likely to suffer from cavities and teeth that are crooked and which have areas that are difficult to reach.

This is because it’s far harder to floss properly when teeth are overcrowded and you are far more likely to miss tooth surfaces giving the chance for decay to get a grip. If your teeth are only slightly wonky you could consider having veneers to straighten them out. The good thing about veneers is that not much of your natural tooth needs to be removed.

Veneers can look very natural, but if your teeth are not as white as you would like then you can choose a shade lighter for your veneers. Veneers are actually quite strong once they are cemented to your natural teeth. They should last a number of years if looked after properly.

Anyone who has teeth missing may have thought that they only have the option of a denture or a bridge. Latest technology means that dental implants can replace missing teeth giving a very natural appearance. Although the process is quite costly and takes quite a few months the results should last a very long time.

It’s important not to just leave gaps in the mouth as it can stress the remaining teeth when you bite down. It also allows teeth to shift around slightly which may cause problems with your bite and may allow unsightly gaps to open up. It is also more difficult to eat properly when you have teeth missing.

Everyone probably feels a bit apprehensive about having a dental Orthodontics Toronto or Veneers Toronto checkup but some people are too scared to even go. If this sounds like you then you should contact your dental office and asked to speak to somebody about your fears. You will find them very sympathetic and you certainly will not be the first scared person they have spoken to. If they think it is necessary they may offer you sedation to ease you through your appointment. Having a beautiful smile should be down to great oral health, not only cosmetic dentistry.

Put a smile on your face! A Toronto Dentist is among the worlds best. For a whiter and brighter smile ask your Sedation dentist about dental implants.

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