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Special Instructions For Designer Contact Lenses

January 19, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

Once you get your first pair of designer contact lenses, you might get told by your eye doctor about the special rules that comes along with these. You may even want to change your mind once you have found out how much and how often you have to keep up with them. It should not be a big deal. A person like that was probably just being lazy.

You have to remember that these contacts are more special and more expensive then the normal clear ones you would buy, but they also may have the same rules. You probably just have to keep up with these rules more then you would have to on normal pairs. Since these cost more money, you would want to make sure you’re not doing anything to destroy them or your eyes in any way.

Normally something like this would cost a lot of money especially if you get a years worth supply of them. If your parents decide to buy them for you and get you a whole years supply, then you will not be able to return them. You will be stuck with them for at least a year so you have to make sure that this is something you really want and would dream about getting.

You might even would want to wear them as soon as you get them so you can have your teachers crept out by the whole situation and you can creep your friends out as well. You may have different reactions and do not be surprised by the reactions you get because it is not every day their are students coming in with eyes looking like yours.

Most people that have regular contacts may want to sleep in them every once in a while just because they may be too tired to take them out. Everyone has done it even though you’re not supposed to. With these special contacts, the doctor might have strict orders for you to not sleep in them at all and to take them out even when you’re taking a nap.

Their may be some people that are really sensitive and get their feelings hurt easily but then again their may be other people who act as normal as can be. Their friends may have different reactions and think it is the coolest thing ever to have contacts like those.

Normal contacts you might be able to leave them in and take them out every six months. With these, you may have to take them out every week or every day depending on what your eye doctor suggests you do.

There are a variety of designer contact lenses you can buy, but the whole point in buying them is that you have to love them and you want to make sure they look good on you. If they do not and they make your eyes look creepy, then the best guess would be to not buy them.

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